The Patent Seal™
A Virtual Patent Marking System

The First Step to Enforcing Your Patent Rights is to Properly Mark and Display Your Patent Status.

  • Use the Patent Seal™ to meet the Patent Marking Requirements
  • Issued, Certified, and Maintained by Licensed Patent Attorneys
  • Customized and Integrated into your Website
  • Quick and Easy Sign Up Process
  • All for Just $99/year
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Don't yet have a patent? SmartUp will help you secure patent pending status.
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Put the World on Legal Notice

You must mark your products with their patented status before you can collect any monetary reward from enforcing your patent rights.* Recent updates to the Patent Law now require a "virtual" patent marking to be displayed on websites, mobile apps, and software. Use the Patent Seal™ to meet the legal requirements. Learn More

Launch Investment Campaigns

Show your investors that your assets are secure, and strengthen their confidence in your business with the backing of a trusted team of licensed patent attorneys. Checkout Kickstarter Campaigns that use the Patent Seal™ !

Licensed Patent Attorney Service

Each Patent Seal™ is issued and serviced by a licensed Patent Attorney who provides:

  • Monthly, On-Demand Consultations to ensure that your innovations are properly covered and protected by US Patent Law
  • Customized Cease & Desist Letters and Licensing Contracts
  • Same Week, Discounted Patent Filings through the SmartUp's Patent Protection Platform

Set up in 2 minutes and 7 seconds.

  1. Customize your Patent Seal™ to match your website, Kickstarter™ Project, app, or software design.
  2. Copy-Paste a customized snippet of code into your website or Kickstarter™ Project.
  3. You're done. When viewers click on your Patent Seal™, they will see a certificate page showing your verified patent information, thereby being placed on Legal Notice of your Patent Rights.
The First Step to Enforcing Your Patent Rights starts with the Patent Seal™.

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