A Patent grants an owner a right to exclude others from making, using, or selling the invention claimed in the Patent for a limited amount of time. Although a Patent Application gives an owner "Patent Pending" status, it does not mean that the owner will be issued an enforceable patent to the subject matter disclosed. Patent Applications and Issued Patents are legal documents and should be interpreted by experienced, licensed professionals. Moreover, the expiration date listed is an approximation and should be assessed by a patent professional before relying on such date.

SmartUp® regularly monitors the status of each Patent Application and Issued Patent but SmartUp® does not guarantee the latest information will be published. However, SmartUp® does not verify that the inventors listed in the Patent are the true inventors. SmartUp® makes no representations as to the enforceability of any Issued Patent. For more information, visit https://app.smartuplegal.com/patent-seal.